What is Expect the Great?

Expect The Great is a free event focusing on college and career awareness and readiness for African, African-American, and Black students and communities in the state of Utah. The theme of this initiative is “Build, Invest, Connect”.

What can I expect from the event?

You can expect to learn various aspects of your college and career journey through multiple panels and sessions that will be announced as the event comes closer.

Is the event free?

This event is free to all who attend because it is generously backed by a Presidential Pledge from each host institution to contribute to a fund to make this event happen.

As a parent or guardian, can I bring my non high-school aged kids?

You're welcome to bring your non high-school aged kids, however, content and sessions will likely only be helpful those already in high school.

What is the Friday evening event like?

We're glad you asked! The purpose of the college student leadership retreat (our friday evening event) is to provide a space and opportunity for Black college students to focus on the leadership development, self-efficacy and Black identity as college students that attend Predominantly White Institutions (PWI) in Utah.

What should I bring to Expect the Great?

High school students and other individuals interested in attending college are encouraged to bring copies of their transcript. College students interested in graduate or professional school or transferring from a two-year to a four-year institution are encouraged to bring copies of their transcript. College students and working professionals interested in career placement are encouraged to bring copies of their resumes. However, attendees are not required to bring anything to Expect the Great.